Holistic Learning Education Limited

WHY choose Holistic Learning?

We aim at providing highly customized tutoring services to all students, including students with special needs or learning difficulties. We are passionate about providing integrative learning approaches to students who strive for excellence, with humility and passion.  To ensure our student's need can be fully met, we hold all our classes in a small class setting (maximum four students per class).

Philosophy of Holistic Learning Education Limited

“Finding the Right Key”

Our priority is to bring the best out of students. Teaching is all about unlocking the student’s potential with the right key. We are firm believers that every student has its own uniqueness; teachers are responsible for giving the right key based on their experience in teaching. Holistic Learning Education strives to provide the right key to those who come to us for help. One of our highlights is to take student’s limitations and strength into account before customizing learning programs. It helps us to ensure the student’s needs are targeted.

That being said, we also care for those who have special needs in learning and socialization. The other highlight is our therapeutic background. One of our co-founders has a background in Applied Behavioral Therapy (ABA) and specializes in teaching autistic students. Apart from providing intensive one on one training on academics and emotion management, we also provide Lego Therapy to autistic students to enrich their social skills.


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