Holistic Learning Education Limited

Holistic Learning Education Limited

Highly Customized Learning

Each student has their own pace of learning. The traditonal learning approach isn't a perfect shoe that fits for all students. Some students may be demotivated by it because they are neglected in class, or have learning struggles without being noticed. This is where we step in and help!

Only when enough attention paid to them students thrive on their acadmics. Aside from providing one to one setting for academic tutoring, we also customize our programs that will cater the student's needs.

We offer a free consultation session in our initial meeting, so we can listen to your expectation, assess and evaluate the student's strengths and weaknesses. We only charge when you decide to commit with us after our meeting. Don't hesistate to swing by!


Initial consultation

▸ 60 minute ~ FREE


One to one sessions

▸ 60 minutes/session for kindergarten and primary student

▸ 120 minutes/session for high school and college student