Holistic Learning Education Limited



閱讀策略, 寫作技巧

詞彙掌握, 語意邏輯

我們會按學生的需要, 自訂教材


We provide training in reading comprehension, listening and speaking, and writing.

1) Critical thinking: learn to read between the lines.

2) Fluency and Accuracy: we use e -learning program to enhance student's speaking fluency and pronounciation.

3) Writing: aside from grammar and sentence pattern, we train students to develop their own ideas and organize them in a concise manner.



We combine theoretical and practical approach to improve student's learning in Maths. For the theoretical part, this will be where they can build their confidence in Maths. We emphasize on understanding the concepts instead of memorizing them. Then, students will apply the concepts they learn in the lesson with the customized material we provide.